Spring out of bed

Posted on Thu, 23 Feb 2012 by midcenturyjo

Is winter on the wane in the northern hemisphere? Is spring whispering promises of things to come? If it is still all winter gloom in your neck of the woods then do I have the picture to cheer you up. By the super snapper Petra Bindel via Agent Bauer. The woman is a genius.

Thank you, Jo, this awesome spring bed it really cheered me up! There are still 50 cm of snow in my town and I just posted my wintery bed. But THIS is clearly better (I mean genius!) and lifts up the hear of a weather dependent girl like myself 🙂

isabel says:

love love love that bedspread. do you have any idea where it may be purchased. thanks for a wonderful site.

Nata says:

YES!!!!! I want to know where that sheet set is from.. pleeaaase….

katie says:

The bedsheets…. <3

Olivia says:

All you have to do is click twice, people. They say where the sheets are from on the original site.

Nata says:

Olivia, double click where?

KiM says:

The bedding is by Urban Outfitters (as I discovered on Petra Bindel's site).

mary says:

OK , I double clicked any and every thing –I still can not see where to get the sheet or blanket what ever it is. Love it and would like to get it . Please HELP !

KiM says:

Mary, this post is over a year old. I just took a quick look on the Urban Outfitters website and it seems they don't make it anymore. (This one is gorgeous and has a similar vibe).

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