Purple Design

Posted on Fri, 2 Mar 2012 by KiM

Purple Design, based in London, is an interior design firm that isn’t afraid to go bold. While their style isn’t for everyone, the glamourous, adventurous and luxurious approach is inspiring, and a nice break from the black and white Scandi vibe that seems rampant on this blog and many others.  

Incredible interiors! Love all the fabulous lighting picks…Modern and traditional, the mish mash of styles is eclectic genius! Thanks for the intro…really DYING over that tudor shot in the first pic!

oregonbird says:

Finally! A modern answer to "What do you put in the bow window?" I love the post-minimalist approach to the kitchen – if you can't see it, is it really there? Its hard to be truly elegant in a kitchen – so just box it up and ignore it! The lavender and fire-engine red bedroom is my favorite – it validates my own attempt many years ago… wish Id had that standing lamp.

Incredible bedrooms! So modern, warm and cozy.



Ahsan says:

What?! Not a single mid-century modern furniture classic in sight! This can't be real…

Blimey – she and I were on the same design training in London about 17 years ago. That's a blast from the past which has knocked me out of Sunday and right across the years.

Jasmine says:

HOLY WOW! I love love love these! The deep saturated colors and luxe fabrics are amazing. The red fabric chandelier in the 4th image makes my heart skip 3 beats!!!

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