Paul Kariouk

Posted on Wed, 7 Mar 2012 by KiM

Paul Kariouk is a well-known architect here in Ottawa and I figured it was about time I blog his work (plus, a reader emailed regarding his work – check it out after the jump). His creativity is inspiring and the homes he has designed are stunning works of art. 

The kitchen below, located in the Glebe home of Carol Sutherland-Brown & Ted Willis, was submitted to us by their daughter Marisa. She says her parent’s met Paul at a party and after getting him on board to come up with designs for their awkwardly closed off kitchen, they now have the perfect open-plan kitchen that is ideal for entertaining and showing off Ted’s artwork

Molly says:

That last transformation is gorgeous! Maybe I've been looking at too many budget redos, but that kitchen is a great reminder of why it can be worth it to spend the money.

What a wonderful home. Love the gorgeous lines and the modern architecture. With windows like these, you almost feel as though you are sitting outdoors…stunning!!

Aga says:

That's perfect metamorphosis, especially the wooden kitchen!

Jen says:

Why is Architecture just design for rich friends? Huge budgets and lacking character

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