Stalking two family homes

Posted on Fri, 9 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Two for today. Two family homes that start with similar bone structure and end up with two different results. It’s like aging. The first old dear has seen a plastic surgeon, gone under the knife and filled up on botox. Still I wouldn’t call it mutton done up as lamb. Or would I? The second home has excepted growing old and tarted up with a little makeup and a lot of attitude but still looks a little tired. Perhaps a visit to a cosmetic clinic is in order? One thing I know for sure is that a “woman of a certain age” needs sympathetic lighting to take a good picture.  Links here and here.

Lori says:

I love them both…and I think it is fine to juxtapose the old with the new.

Shelley says:

The Botox House decor is too big to fit into the size of the rooms.

selina says:

The second house could do with a bit of updating but its a more a make over than reconstructive surgery…

Kim says:

I love them both as well! Those fireplaces are beautiful, it would be a shame if they or something similar was ripped out, but who knows they could have already been long gone.

jo says:

in the third line, maybe "excepted" should be "accepted"?

Oregonbird says:

The first isn't a home, it's a house – I wouldn't take my coat off in it. If ever a house's attitude said, "Sod off!" The second has comfortable, welcoming public areas. If the kitchen is a little ratty, at least you can see a group of people having a good time in it. But the kids' rooms in the first house are fantastic – move them into the 'a bit tarted-up' house, where the bedrooms are woeful indeed.

Jenny says:

Fascinating juxtaposition – good work! I much prefer the second to the first – echoing most of the comments already made.

But I'll continue to say that I detest the dead animal/flat cow on the floor motif. YUK!

Kaiteri says:

The TV in the bedroom of the first house is placed way too high.

Sarah says:

Has anyone mentioned that the U.S. flag is hanging backwards in the photo above? The Union should always be on the left to the viewer. otherwise I really love the designs!

Anita says:

I don't love either of them. I like both their exteriors, but neither of their interiors appeal to me. They just both feel tired and a bit blah.

Just an aside – I love original features, but ultimately your home is your home. Don't let someone tell you how to decorate or not. If you want to rip them out, do so. You're the one living there, not them.

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