Spanish minimalism

Posted on Tue, 13 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Cadaquès Apartment by Francesc Rifé. Black. White. Unashamedly modern. Distilled rustic references. White void. Monolithic fireplace anchoring the room. Hero of minimalism… storage. So which do you prefer Spanish minimalism or Danish? (The great photography is by Eugeni Pons. An amazing portfolio of amazing architecture!)


Ruth says:

I love the play of light and shadow in the hallway. I LOVE the simple, built in sofas and the balance of white with the big black fireplace. Absolutely wonderful.

pamela says:

Love it. I adore the way the black anchors all the white. The built in furniture is a stroke of genius as far as space planning in a narrow apartment goes and I also love the way they used extra space, i.e. the sunroom and the bedroom built in, to buffer the Spanish heat. I'm moving in!

kevin says:

That fireplace is amazing. The older I get the more I love Mediterranean style.

I'm much more drawn to this minimalist home than the Danish one. Even though this is somewhat sparse and very modern (that fireplace!) it is very warm with the terra cotta and wood. This is a home I could easily live in. Thanks for showing these two different minimalist styles.

Oregonbird says:

Minimalism works if it takes nature into consideration. Like this. It makes allowances for the human form, offers surfaces that aren't petroleum-based. It is minimalist in action, not just in intent .

Isabel says:

My boyfriend insisted with terra cotta floors in the kitchen, and this post gives me so much inspiration on how to make it work! There was some plates left over and I think we're gonna use it in the bathroom too.

Michelle says:

Love the chimney. Usually I am not a big fan of black kitchen but this one looks amazing.

jordi E says:

Chimneys are central part of Cadaqués interiors. Even Marcel Duchamp designed one when he lived here. Dali as well, of course.

This kind of chimneys in black iron are very common in Cadaqués apartments and houses since the sixties. Being a place of vacation for catalan artists, architects and designers they made several models for production. You can find some here:

Nom says:

I love the table lamp. Cesta by Miguel Milá

Anna says:

Wow, this is so helpful. I was really puzzled about how to pair the contemporary style that I aspire to with Mediterranean terracotta floors. Gave me lots of ideas. Thank you! Beautiful designs!

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