New from Domus Nova (#2)

Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 by KiM

Here’s another intriguing home offered for rent during the Olympics by Domus Nova, that is a little quirky in it’s 4 bedroom, 2351 sq ft splendor. Re-modeled by Roland Cowan Architects and interior-designed by Christian de Falbe with a boutique, boudoir feel throughout the formal reception space boasts an Art Deco design, where Twenties-style furniture is combined with bold pieces of pop art to add a twist to the traditional. It’s got a bit of a Betsey Johnson vibe I’d say. Definitively not for everyone…

Sey says:

Definitely love that coffee table.

Allegra says:

Definitely Betsey Johnson vibe! I love it, I wouldn't live here myself, but I love it. Not sure why I lean more towards clean white, understated. Does that make me boring?? I do love the red kitchen cabinets though!

madonnaofcoogee says:

Love it! Feminine yet not at all wimpy. I bet whoever lives here has some awesome shoes…. would love to see some of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Ceceilia says:

The textures are marvelous. I could imagine redoing this with any bold accent color.

Oregonbird says:

Gorgeous. That living room is to die for – perfect styling, and comfortable enough to curl up in. The kitchen doesn't quite work — not unless the pots and pans are pink, while the dining room and family room are lacking storage. Even a rental should have common-area cubbies. Matching the artwork from the 1st floor to the ground floor was brilliant. I wish we could see the bedrooms – I want more.

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