Union Jacks

Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Too cool! Rule Britannia! Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant Union Jacks designed by Blacksheep. It’s quirky, it’s fun. It’s cheeky and clichéd Brit through and through. Nostalgia and post-war echoes, childhood memories and great food. Not just a concept eatery with theatrics and bells and whistles though, it is a fabulously well designed restaurant as you would expect for a top chef like Jamie.

Lori E says:

I didn't know what half the stuff on the menu was but it sure looks like a good place to eat. Very retro and fun.

Hi, Soooo nice and cool!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day!!


Elena says:

I really don't understand why these chairs are so in right now because over here, in Eastern Europe, they were a constant feature of comunism-dictated interior design. They were everywhere: schools, hospitals, offices etc. They had no padding, just wood and metal, and they always seemed cold and uninviting to me. Now that they (almost) vanished from my culture I have a strange feeling of relief 🙂

rooth says:

I'd love to eat here – it looks quirky and casual and I'm sure the food is awesome

Homer says:

In case anyone's wondering, it's in London — a detail that the blog author omitted.

Mr. Oliver has numerous restaurants in numerous cities on at least two continents.

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