Belgian Villa

Posted on Fri, 23 Mar 2012 by KiM

The following villa on the Belgian coast captured my interest immediately. I have always loved a home that is traditional on the outside and not-so-much on the inside. I love anything with a shock factor. And this radically transformed home is just that. Traditional on the outside (complete with thatched roof) with a modern industrial vibe on the inside. Totally unexpected. (Maison & Travaux, photography: Patrick Smith, architect: Lionel Jadot)


Cheryl says:

Love those doors and the tub!

Jengaro says:

This house is a fantastic example of where fun meets functional! I'd like to see more photos of that countertop – looks very interesting.

Love the OBEY sticker in the kitchen!

Looks like a really cool place. Smart, interesting, modern, rustic, stylish, and too fun & casual to be pretentious. Want to see more like it!

kim says:

WOW. this home excites me. the seating!!! incredible.

Monika says:

I love all places that have Togos!

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