Cloud Studios

Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 by KiM

Cloud Studios is the London-based interior design firm of Nia Morris and Louise Holt. They are known for their elegant, contemporary interiors characterised by creativity and balanced by practicality. I love all of their spaces – warm, calm, relaxed and sooooo inviting. 



Enormous velvet wing chairs, yum!

clutter says:

Everything is so subtle and tasteful I like almost every single detail, but these huge blue pictures..

Sey says:

Whoa that sunroom is gorgeous!

oregonbird says:

I would end up pushing furniture around, serious to light repositioning — but I wouldn't want to change out, the choices are excellent. The sink shaped like a tub is just adorable – I've never seen it before. My favorite is the sunroom — going buttoned down and traditional makes the vibe totally outlaw!

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