Stalking concrete in the sand dunes

Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

McMansion beach shack just behind the sand dunes on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. Concrete and steel, bunker with pool, white with waves and all with easy clean floors to help sweep away the sand that you trek in from the beach beyond the rising wall of thickly vegetated dunes. The sound of the waves crashing will barely reverberate through the concrete slabs and the world is shut out from the street with high fences and a turned back but throw those window walls wide open and there it is, your private oasis. Just sold but you can find it here while the link lasts.

P.S. Spot the poodle hidden in these photos.

Hi, what a magnificent place! Have a great Wednesday!

Maggie says:

'Spot' is an unusual name for a poodle…

Georgia says:

I can smell the beach and feel the quality of the air just looking at these photos. Talk about selling a life style!

So open and fabulous! Love that pool!

Sarah says:

are there two pools? Found the poodle!

selina says:

Sorry but this is construction has hardly any relation hp with its environement. Big windows and openings are not the answer to connecting with a site. Neither the architecture nor the decor make me think "sand dunes". In fact it is ovewhelming and dominates the setting too much for my taste.

LOVE house on the beach
unique design too

It is truly relaxing to stay in a place that will serve as your "private oasis." The windows, doors, fences and walls which are made of glass give a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

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