Stepped House

Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Minimalism again? Oh yes! But instead of stark, cold white there is a richness, a glow. Simple clean lines but multi-layered with different surfaces and textures. Spartan but elegant. Who said minimalism was cold? What is devoid of surface  pattern is enriched by the interplay of materials. Stepped House by Australian architects Russell & George.

Very nice! But I guess they don't eat in the evening..

Vanessa says:

way too minimalist for me but i love that chair …

Fernando says:

Like in other overly stylized shoots, the furnitures almost always go from one corner to the next, following the camera, fighting for attention. Case in point: the wingback chair, the round side table and the coat rack. So how do these houses look outside photo shoots?

oregonbird says:

I have to admit, watching the furniture leap from one spot to another feels like a cheat. It's a very grandfatherly-feeling place, you'd expect to find a little windmill in the garden. I think the textures feed into that, the panelling and brick give it a feeling of age without really lending any sense of period. Sort of an updated immigrant widower abode.

Dylan says:

Why did the stylist put that coat rack there? Such ridiculousness for what? A nice picture?

Two truly wonderful chairs there Jo, the black one and the 'harp'. I'm curious about the strange 'paw prints' on the day bed, what could they be?

Desire to Inspire says:

If you look closely Tricia you will see that the daybed is actually an old "click clack" sofa which has been opened out so I think the paw prints are button tufts on either side of the back. (Just realised I'm signed in as DTI not Jo.)

Jo, great find! This is an incredible house. I love the mixture between natural wood, brick and painted plaster. The selection of furnishings and design details is perfection. Thank you so much for sharing!

steve mawson says:

Steel beams, metal window and door frames, grey bricks, wood panelling, black tiles, stained ashwood floors, wooden counter tops, beige carpet and track lighting…looks like an overstock / reject materials sale shop.

Sure doesn't put the feng in my shui.

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