Opposite ends of the spectrum

Posted on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 by KiM

Both of these homes have been featured lately in Residence magazine and I wanted to blog one, then the other, no the first one, but what about the second….so what the hell I’ll blog both. Both homes are gorgeous, the first because of the soothing and earthy neutral palette and the second because of the bold colour scheme and modern vibe. I want my home to look like the first, and then I need to win the lottery so the cottage I would then buy could look like the second. 🙂 (Photos by Carl Dahlstedt)

Love the turquoise floor!!! Brought back nice memories of my living room floor I painted a high glass turquoise back in 1992! Stayed there many years, moved before I tired of it. 20 years later I still have punches of that glorious colour in my apartment!

Jo Way says:

I was majorly wowed by the drama of that first house – then you hit me with that amazingly colourful second house – can understand why you couldn't decide which to post first!

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