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I love real estate stalking. By lurking online I find fabulous houses that I could never see inside in real life and sometimes, just sometimes I stumble across something very special to me. I’ve stalked my favourite kitchen. Ever since I saw the Prue Ruscoe photo above in Inside Out magazine many years ago I was smitten. This was it. This was the kitchen of my dreams. Just a tight shot. No real idea what the space was truly like but it didn’t matter. My imagination filled in the rest of the space. Except for a few props used for the shoot this is the house in my imagination. This is the house come to life. Except for the bathroom. That’s beyond my dreams. I’m moving in as soon as I can rob a bank. I even still love the kitchen in its pared back state. I can always make it look like Prue’s photo. Link here while it lasts but don’t you dare buy it! It’s all mine.