Hamptons home

Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

Serene and casually elegant. Just a little quirky. Found objects sit beside modern art and antique furniture. No clash of the kitsch or fight to the death between disparate elements though. This home is beautifully curated. It’s simply stylish and stylishly simple. The perfect holiday escape fro New York designer James Huniford.

Vanessa says:

Wow! I love all the natural elements, fabulous!

KitzieG says:

Really love this post – what deliciously fabulous images!
I especially love those open bookshelves in the fourth to last photo – does anyone know where I could find them?

Lori E says:

There were only 2 tiny things that I would have changed. The rest was, in my eye, fabulous. With so many interesting things that is saying a lot.
I thought those were muffins under the dome but in the next photo saw they were wooden pieces. Fooled my eye.
I would love a closer look at lots of those pieces, especially the clipboards.

Leone says:

Serene, soothing and exquisite. I don't know that I'd ever want to leave.

johan tailor says:

Wow It's simply stylish Home. I love this home and all the extraordinary elements. Marvelous images

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