Enrique Menossi part 2

Posted on Wed, 4 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

Having overdosed on the rustic beauty of Spanish homes captured through the lens of Enrique Menossi in the previous post, it’s time to move to something a little darker, richer, more sophisticated. Or how about a vibrant taste of urban colour?. Just as inspiring, just as beautiful. The man is a master of his craft.

P.S. And just in case it is all too darkly sophisticated for you I have lightened it with one more all white wonder.

wow, amazing place.
I could stare all day at that picture of the bedroom, last pic.

Elfya says:

Absolutely marvelously gorgeous! I could spend days in this house and be most comfortable. As you said, very sophisticated!

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

It is rare that I come across something that seems so "of the moment" and yet timeless. Funny, but these rooms could really be found in the pages of a design magazine right now or in a history of design book. Nice find!

Dolores in Chicago says:

I'm speechless…..
Dolores in Chicago

I love the moodiness of the first rooms. So beautiful with the rich red velvet sofa. I could just curl up there with a glass of red and feel quite at home.

Most of the rooms aren't my style but I love the library / dark sitting room.

Maurice Chaillot says:

La bibliothèque est somptueuse, riche et sensuelle. Mais, à regarder de plus près les reliures et la photographie, on a l'impression que c'est plutôt la bibliothèque d'un avocat ou d'un juriste. On se demande ce que vient faire une telle bibliothèque dans la maison d'un photographe? Qu'importe, la pièce est parfaite. Et votre blog aussi.

Niner says:

love the white flat. it's exactly what i've wanted my dream house to be; simple and lovely. xx

ac says:

i LOVE the photographer artwork in the first picture. anyone know who it's by or where i can get it?

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