Monika and Christian’s German home

Posted on Thu, 12 Apr 2012 by KiM

Today I’ve got a reader’s home to share with you that will knock your socks off I guarantee!

We (Christian and Monika) are from Cologne, Germany. My husband (41) is Graphic Designer, he was born in Argentina, his mother is belgian and his father german. I’m (39) Interior Designer, born in Germany but yugoslavian, then montenegrian, then serbian and in the Future…who knows 🙂 We’re running our little Agency together called Koenigsrot (translation is kingsred). We have twins, Emma (6) and Meo (6), our cat called “le Chat” and two squirrels. One year ago we bought a little house which was built in 1967. Before and after picture show a really huge transformation 🙂 It’s still work ahead us but we’re really happy living here. We’re big fans of flea markets, we travel a lot with the kids, we adore Paris and spent a lot of time there. Not in a hotel but in a flat.
– Monika, Christian, Emma, Meo, leChat and the squirrels.

I love every little square inch of Christian and Monika’s home. It has all of my favourites – neutral colours, oddball curiousities, lots of vintage, industrial vibe….

Paintings are made by my husband Christian.

Detail Living room. Statuary made by our twins.

Part of our kitchen. The numbers are old baking dishes.


Corridor with insects on the left and behind the glass exposure… ( don’t know the english word for,sorry)… you can open them and inside we put some photos.

Bedroom. The lamp is on an Offertory Box from a church.


Here’s a detail of Meo’s room. He loves dinos and wales, has a lots more of them over his bed.

Emma’s room. Detail.

Detail wall Dining place. Brake blocks of a lorry. Bird is finnish.

Our cat “le chat” on Pierre Frey 🙂

JP says:

great feature. thanks for sharing.

Sandro says:

cool flat.. VILE butterfly collection….

oregonbird says:

Global *urban* goth! Sophistication just wells out of the walls and absorbs you. I'm not put off by the butterfly collection etc., they've been done, they're beautiful, someone should at least appreciate them. I love the kitchen, and can imagine kids and parents sharing the public spaces very comfortably. While looking very chic! All the small notes that make up this home were played exactly right.

Christine says:

Love this. Love all the "stuff." All the feathers, tins etc. Looks great. It has my favorite colors: grey, black etc.

Gawker says:

Great photography, but the house is a bit too unwelcoming, human centipedey, creepy for me

I love this chairs in the kitchen / dining room: z-chair from the German Democratic Republic (DDR)! The eastern response to Panton Chair. Awesome!

Petra says:

This is very beautiful! I love the paintings, the color's, the flea market finds, everything works together so nicely!
A place I would love to visit, although I probably run against the glass door for sure :-).

Ihr habt einen wirklich ganz tollen Geschmack und ein wunderschönes Zuhause!

chris says:

danke petra 🙂 – bist herzlichst eingeladen – dann machen wir die glastür auch gaaaaaanz weit auf 😉 grüße chris & moni

Michele says:

Could you tell me what the name of the paint is that was used in the little boy's room? I love it! I'm trying to find a great color to use in my son's room and this is perfect!

I just love everything about this house. Even the cat is gorgeous!
I want my house to look like this!

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