Stalking in Balaclava

Posted on Thu, 12 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

No not in a balaclava but in Balaclava, the Melbourne suburb. A 3 storey timber and block townhouse with a groovy young family vibe. Love the kitchen/dining area. The pops of yellow. The mirror. The rumpus room leading out into a fab courtyard. The casual vibe where everything is laid back but still cool except that brown velvet couch. Don’t get me wrong. I do like a brown velvet couch but… it’s sloppy and slouchy and not at all hipster family cool. Perhaps it is in real life and perhaps it is soooooooo comfy that you would forgive its down at heels, shoulders hunched, hands shoved belligerently in its pilled acrylic cardigan, don’t look at me, it’s not my fault the rest of the room is empty vibe. Yes the living room needs work but with just a little zhushing how cool would this house be! Link here while it lasts.

Wow. Gorgeous.

This is heaven for me! The opportunity to live in this type of house would be so awesome!

Carmel says:

Love this house, so inviting! Particularly love the benches, so big!!!

Jen says:

I was skimming through the pictures and when I saw that babyQ, I was like "yeah~ must be an aussie!" ^^

Budgie says:

Oh! My old 'hood!!!! Loooooooove Balaclava/East St Kilda….but don't love the prices to buy there. Great location overlooking the park, fantastic public transport nearby as well, and some of my favourite cafes in Melbourne….thanks for posting, Jo, although you made me home-sick!! Great, lovable house too.

sunflowersuper says:

Thanks for the tip about this house. I live just around the corner and went to check it out this morning.
Lots of cool ideas and great location next to the park.

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