Take me away

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2012 by KiM

I could really use a break from the chaos of everyday, and when I came across this home captured by one of my all-time favourite photographers Jordi Canosa I was momentarily transported to a gorgeous villa in Barcelona. A place where wonderful memories could be made and relaxation is essential – how could you not feel at ease in a place like this?

(Previous posts of Jordi Canosa’s work here)

kevin says:

Seeing places like this make me loath living in America.

kirsten marie says:

OMG!!! Thank you for the post! What an amazing villa! The floors,finishes,furnishings,lighting,cabinetry, evrything
is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Sarah says:

Those rustic wood floors in the dining room are heavenly! Great find!

Um when do we leave? Seriously that is breathtaking!

take me with you 🙂

It's always nice and adds a lot of character when you let some age and wear show (on things, and on people) instead of constantly striving for a brand new appearance!

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