What the!

Posted on Mon, 23 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

White. White wash. White out. White on white. White the hell is going on here!!! I’ve heard of monochrome but this is more like monotonous. I’ve been real estate stalking in sunny Queensland and somehow I am snow blind. What were they thinking? Someone please buy this house and fill it with colour or at least do a drive by with a paint gun! My favourite is the camouflaged dog. Here while the link lasts.

Michelle says:

remarkably distressing, haunting rather than calming white!

zach says:


Samantha says:

Ehm. That's just really… white :-))

mys says:

hope they never get dirty

Jody says:

I kind of like it….however a pop of color here and there would be even better!

Lili says:

I like it 🙂

Claire says:

I wonder what sort of personality the owners have???

Josefine says:

Well, I don't agree.
I think the look of it is absolutely astonishing and thorough.
I'd love to have my room like that.

Heaven forbid you accidentally spilled something.

Ypille says:

Tripping on a tabula rasa, LOL!

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