Nikolas Koenig

Posted on Fri, 27 Apr 2012 by KiM

How about some gorgeous residential photography to end off the work week. Today’s talent is Nikolas Koenig, a German currently living in New York who happens to have photographed some of the most stunning and spectacular homes I’ve seen (for the likes of Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ and Wallpaper). I’ll take one of each please! (P.S. I blogged a couple of funky apartments last night if you’d like to check them out over on kim’s page.)

Wish there were more pictures of that cabin in the top image.

Evelisa says:

It looks like there is a pop of orange in every room from the first home.

alanc230 says:

Love the big white chair in the 5th picture, the white with brown living/dining room. Do you happen to know anything about it?

KiM says:

That chair is the Elda by Joe Columbo.

shaira@Real Estate Bretton-Wood says:

I am going gaga over the photographs. Really amazing how one captures life in a nonliving thing. I wanna live in this houses. The stairway is making my heart skip a beat. Stairs and I have this mutual connection. Im yabbering here but I really love the houses.

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