Hannah Blackmore

Posted on Wed, 2 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Bright light and joyful. Full of life and vibrant. Sunny, fresh and fab. I could be describing the Australian lifestyle but instead I’m actually talking about Aussie photographer Hannah Blackmore‘s shots. If you think these images are cool you should definitely check out her food photography. She’s also a book designer and art director. Shows doesn’t it?

tyson says:

Ha! The shots here are so 2000s. Time warp! Blurry moving owner, designer dog allowed on furniture, over white-outed everything, upturned book on bed, coral and geodes, framed fashion mag cover, apothecary and bell jar specimen vases, karate chopped cushions, orchids, oversized retro kitchen mixer. So "style by numbers".

Sarah adams says:

LOVE this and her work. How is this 2000's love love love!

claire says:

wow! i am so suprised by tyson's comments, i wonder what his place looks like, a touch of the green eyed monster i assume? if you put down others style you cant have much yourself. it must be hard living life as a critical person, its much more fun to appreciate and enjoy other peoples point of view dont you think? i love this girls photographs, AND i appreciate the time and effort it must have taken the home owner to create a spaces so beautiful to them. so tyson, what should a house look like these days? what objects would make it more 2012? help us a out a little would you?

Colleen D says:

Thankyou Claire. Kind words. I am looking for a way to brighten my ex black skate 6×8 space up. Her white chair,rug,shelves ….that was gteat. Simple ,clean fabulously done. And I am a antiwue book collector so this will give me another special area. Im starting her idea payday.

Stevie says:


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