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Posted on Thu, 3 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Warehouse stalking. My favourite kind of stalking… after church conversion stalking. Today I have two warehouses to share. The first in Melbourne’s inner city Abbotsford is a modern refit of an old warehouse shell. Decks and courtyards, voids and levels. Modern with the old. Exposed brick and lots of slick. Love the retro vibe and the cameo appearances of IKEA fabric. Another property crying out for better photography. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. I really, really want that industrial workbench. I have just the spot for it!

Erin says:

Gorgeous house. I can't imagine leaving it. With that being said, I always wonder about the story of these homeowners…where are they going and why are they leaving? Maybe they found something even nicer somewhere? Job transfer? Will they be sad to leave? I wonder this same thing about people who have beautiful modern dwellings high up in the bluffs of a forest. I just want to meet these people, you know?

Cet établi est fabuleux et les murs de briques associés à ces vitrages sont magnifiques. Oh que j'aime!

superdutch says:

Wowee, I love the way the dining room chairs are placed just so round the table, creating a very neat ensemble. Totally agree with Erin, can imagine just not leaving it.

tyson says:

Ok. Now that is freakin amazing. Great warmth and quality.

oregonbird says:

Oh yeah. K.I.S.S. rocks. Stepping into that courtyard every morning would be fine.

I'm very over vessel sinks.

jen says:

Nicely photographed.

But I cannot get over the fashion for dead animals in decor. Went into a snazzy Melbourne furniture and interiors store on the weekend that shall remain nameless (I won't give them any publicity) and it was full of dead animal stuff – fur, skin, horns, bones. Vile.

That is one incredible place!! That would be my dream…sigh. I love the fourth photograph, ahh the outdoor brick is stunning! Love the rustic, artsy feel of this place!

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