R. Brad Knipstein part 2

Posted on Thu, 10 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

From the neutral and muted of the last post to the rich and jewel like or crisp and modern here. More images from photographer R. Brad Knipstein. Lush and sumptuous. Clean and cool. It’s almost like drowning in colour at times, at others like a drink of refreshing water. A beautiful portfolio.

from minnesota says:

lovely lush interesting photos. where is that bookstore?

Something thought-provoking in every picture, but I hope that bookstore has the success it deserves!

rooth says:

I'm a huge fan of that reading nook

oregonbird says:

He makes you fall in love with each place.

Thanks for all the kind words! The reading nook is at Viracocha antique store in San Francisco on Valencia @ 21st st. http://viracochasf.com/

Marlene Aceves says:

Simply beautiful! What is the name of the paint you used?

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