Candy Factory Lofts penthouse

Posted on Fri, 11 May 2012 by KiM

I recently stumbled upon the portfolio of Johnson Chou, and architecture and design firm based in Toronto and was very intrigued by this penthouse: Situated in a turn of the century candy factory, this 2700 SF loft penthouse suite was one of Toronto’s first residential adaptive re-use projects of its kind. The owner, an avid sportsman with a penchant for traveling to remote areas to camp in the wilderness, requested a residence that evoked, within an urban context, a sense of the landscape he loved so much. What I love about this loft is the blend of modern and rustic elements. That juxtaposition gets me going every time. 

Oh, I love this place. It is such a fantastic re-use of the space. So many inspiring things: those illuminated glass stairs, the modern interior with the original factory architectural elements; the bath in the bedroom; the black tile in the bathroom and modern fixtures … fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this.

MH says:

what the h*** is this guy doing with elephant tucks in his library? Personally I think that is just nasty.

Shane says:

There is an entire industry devoted to giving homes to tusks and ivory that were simply thrown away when wildlife preservation went from being a cause to a fad. Those tusks could very well be a result of such an effort. They could even be synthetic. It's best not to judge without the full story. You know, karma and all of that. Just throwin' that out there.

I wonder if it still smells of caramel? I wouldn't mind…

oregonbird says:

I give myself a week, at most, before I have a broken ankle. That's if I'm lucky. The lighting is really delicate, up against the mass of the interiors, even the fireplace is petite and unassuming. Its interesting.

I typically dislike wood ceilings and beams because they tend to look very lumberjack-y. However, it looks really good here. The spiral staircase is especially nice but I would be worried about falling down those stairs.

Sandro says:

elephant tucks as decoration ???? Sorry guys… sometimes we do have to have some morals… DESIRETOINSPIRE SHOULD NOT POST THIS HOUSE AT ALL…. I am disappointed ….

Joshua says:

I am with Shane . MH, Sandro – morality is highly subjective. I would prefer to see your views presented more delicately, because they come across rather self-righteously. There may be a number of justifications for the elephant tusks (if they are real in the first place) and this is simply not the forum to debate that. I personally love this house…..

KiM says:

I am with Shane and Joshua. I blogged this home because the architecture is amazing, it's as simple as that. I don't know the story behind the tusks so I am not going to assume the worst about them.

lw says:

I wonder if these are in fact elephant tusks. It is not uncommon for decorators to turn to mammoth tusks in light of the numerous bans on elephant tusks.

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