Feldman Architecture

Posted on Tue, 15 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Contemporary with an understated beauty. Open plan with light and space. Indoor outdoor connection. The Old Bernal House, San Francisco by Feldman Architecture. A family home with space for all. Love the open kitchen/dining with its large windows to the outside and the office wall of books connecting the upper loft space. A modern extension that enhances the original home.




Matthew Evert says:

It's all over the place in terms of materials. Bleh

What a home! Love the sliding doors in the kitchen…….Great inspiration. Thanks!

love this firm…when you've got it, you've got it. have a happy day.

I like it very much, well maybe except the baby room 🙂

Shari says:

This is one of my favourite posts so far. I love the mix of materials- this house is actually interesting to look at. It's not stark like so much design that you see nowadays- it has a lived in feel that I absolutely adore. Well done.

rooth says:

Oooh boy I love that kitchen, loft and library – I"ll take it!

sofwan arif says:


anonymous says:

What the heck happend with the streetside fencing?! I count four styles: coffered, latticed, plane, plane with vertical slats. And the heights of the sections and rods jumps up and down without rhyme or reason (i.e. unexplained by the ground slope). Probably assembled by a tornado that passed through a home improvement store. Feldman Architects can't possibly have anything to do with this.

Love the kitchen, love the bathroom, love the mix of white and wood, love the light…..

Chasablanca says:

The out side looks like the house from the grudge. Loved the kitchen counter, and the tub though.

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