Miami loft

Posted on Tue, 15 May 2012 by KiM

Check out this swanky pad by Toronto’s Prototype Design Lab: Miami Loft was designed for a celebrity client. This residence has incredible spanning views of the local beach front on two sides and has a bespoke quality to its interior design. Juxtaposition between the more traditional design features and the more modern and sleek components such as the bedroom media unit and master bathroom vanity come together elegantly in this project.  This characteristic also renders the space dreamlike as well as a perfect entertainment space. Every element has been custom designed to the smallest detail to fit the particular needs of our client and his desires and habits. SWEET!!!

(Photos by Ben Rahn/A-Frame)

Liz says:

That place is so luxe I'd feel guilty if I lived there!

I'm just speachless..

oregonbird says:

Whoever did that seating unit was a genius. Left off the legs, yeah, but still – genius. It's a gorgeous, classy space, not designed just to cause jealousy in the have-nots, so thank you for that, rich person!

@chanellhoward says:

The seating is jean paul gaultier

Greg says:

Wow! Ugliest sofa sectional of all time. Yikes! That's just bad. Seems like a lot of bling without a lot of thought. Can tell it belongs to a b-ball player who depends on someone else to set their style. So many mixed styles here it seems they couldn't decide what represents style so throw it all together and hope for the best?

holland says:

Is the celebrity client an adult film star?

oregonbird says:

Can we get a call on this? Gaultier sectional – a masterpiece stitched up in an amusing, visually-balanced fabric orgasm, or "ugly"?

selina says:

very bling, is it for Scarface's reincarnation?

Brenda says:

The sectional, a very well thought out piece that was first designed in the 70's by Hans Hopfer. It is stylish and quirky with the Roche Bobois upholstery collaboration. I am particularly fond of this one shown, thank you for sharing this space.

Love the effective ceiling height with loft style living. I'm not really a fan of the centre-piece light or furniture choices. It's all very…Miami.

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