Kerrie Kelly

Posted on Wed, 16 May 2012 by KiM

Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer based in Northern California whose designs caught my eye while surfing the internet. Kerrie and her team of designers at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab have got what it takes – with various design styles in their portfolio they’re pretty great at just about anything – from a bit traditional to more modern/contemporary. Kerrie and some of her projects may look familiar as she’s been a featured designer and has consulted with several DIY and HGTV Network’s “Crashers” shows. The garage conversion below (after the jump) is an amazing transformation – and it had me laughing. You NEVER see garage conversions up here in Canada. The garages of Canadians are precious and sacred spaces that save us from having to scrape ice and snow off our cars (which on bad days can take a half hour). 

Cristina says:

Kerrie Kelly was actually the head of our interior design department at my school. It's very school to see someone I know featured on a well-known interior design blog. Awesome! 🙂

oregonbird says:

Mix & match you can really get behind. Grunge with heavy trad works surprisingly well, especially with pops of mod color. Very, very liveable.

What a great use of space. That is a beautiful garage conversion.

Great garage conversion, with the concrete on the driveway & grey facade. The image of the room above is nice also with the
iron bed & the old cupboard used as bedside table. Thanks for sharing:)

Tanako says:

I like this style very much! So succinct, bright and individualized!

laurie says:

Great design work! I love the first interior space with the light grays and whites. She actually chose the Peacocks rug I designed for Delos Rugs for the living room! (2nd image) Yay! 🙂

Wow! Thanks a million for the feature and for all of the thoughtful comments! Our team appreciates it! OX

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