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Posted on Thu, 17 May 2012 by KiM

We blogged the work of designer Dan Davis a couple of times now (see here and here) and he emailed us recently with photos from his latest projects.

Project 1 – a fun mix of vintage (remained) and antique and classical meets glamour.

Project 2 – The next project is our most compelling before and after story of a residential family room that transformed from an unfocused nightmare to a very contemporary space using a wavy wall composite to make a statement fireplace.

Project 3 – The 3rd space is a home office. The Cooke’s wanted this office to feel like it was connected to their garden. We did a custom drip technique that takes 3 people at once to apply. It was a spanish moss effect on a sunny day. We included architectural artifacts as well to add to the outdoor charm.

Project 4 – The 4th space is actually a home that belonged to the Henry Ford family. The new owners (Cardwell) wanted to keep the historical integrity to the home yet make it their own. We used transitional furnishings and an eclectic mix of art and architectural artifacts that we purchased on buying trips with the client. This home was featured in the Dearborn Symphony Home tour.

Project 5 Space number 5 is a commercial space. It is for Cutters Editorial. The are an editorial house for editing television commercials. It’s a very creative client and their clients spend many hours in the editing room.

Project 6 – The 6th space was an event we did for the Michigan Design Center’s Celebrations Event. Each showroom asks a designer to do a take on a Celebration, i.e. Christmas, Halloween or an engagement party. Baker Furniture Showroom asked us to do theirs and to not make it a Holiday. We chose to show how you can make the meal an event, so we did this seafood inspired setting and it won 1st prize for “the look people most wanted to recreate in their own home”.

oregonbird says:

Okay, I want to recreate the table with fish too! The palette the firm works with is very adult, very glamorous. The before/after of that awful room – how inspiring is that! We all get stuck with dated rooms, and practically collapse with despair, then you see what can be done, and think, "Oh, that's so obvious!" Like E=mc squared is so hard to figure out, right?

Denise Williams says:

Incredible designing talent, superb use of color, pure class – please continue to share

JoAnne Hite says:

Truly distinctive-nothing derivative here. I agree with the "adult and glamorous" description from oregonbird above. There is also a kind of exotic restraint-it's really an elusive, very interesting aesthetic that I have seen nowhere else. Thank you for including this designer's work.

Ruthann says:

I admire the designer's choice of artwork and his ability to create unique solutions for each type of space. Especially like the elegant color palette in Project 6 and the wavy wall in Project 3.

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