Stalking the small and cute

Posted on Thu, 17 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Oh dear! That makes me sound quite inappropriate. That’s not what I meant. What I do mean though is that I love this little worker’s cottage in inner city Melbourne I found while real estate stalking. Bright and fun and quirky and cute. White walls bounce the colour pops around, the little girl’s room is so hubba bubba bubble gum pink that I can almost hear waves of giggles, the backyard is pocket handkerchief size perfect. Who needs large when 2 bedrooms in the inner city is just right. Link here while it lasts.

P.S. A few of you may recognise this house but we’ll keep it our little secret don’t you think 😉

That's my umbrella (well, not mine, but you-know-who's) and it looks so good with those green chairs. Well done you-know-who!!!

That's fabulous!!

This place is awesome! What a great inspiration. It's SUPER boring to see what kind of money the rich blow on pretentious and impractical interiors but it's refreshing to see cozy and livable homes. Feature more like this please!

oregonbird says:

Maybe I'll never have a chance at a Gaultier sectional, but it doesn't mean I don't ever want to see one!
Bright and healthy homes rock, as always – this one in particular. Very fairy tale, and no front and center TV makes me even happier with it. But really, how tall are they, that the microwave is *accessible* up there!?

it's adorable!!! that scalloped edging out the front is so hubba hubba to me. whoa.

tania says:

Perfect in every way. Fun, homely, welcoming, quirky, cozy, love it!! It seems a perfect reflection of the owner, or atleast her public persona.

Allie says:

Very curious to know who owns this house!
Love the accent wall in the first bedroom.

Are we allowed to reveal whose house this is???
Tania xx

ilipilli says:

Love it! Agreed – I would love to see more real homes that are lived in and decorated by artistic people.

Leah says:

Could someone please tell me what kind of flooring is used in the kitchen? Very unique!

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