Reader’s home – Lucyna’s home in Poland

Posted on Fri, 18 May 2012 by KiM

I have a FABULOUS reader’s home to share with you today. I adore this one. Dark and dramatic and edgy. And that concrete wall! YESSSSS!

My name is Lucyna Kolodziejska and i am an interior designer from Poland, Gdansk. My web site: This is my flat, i live there with my husband Jarek, dog Pele and daughter Nathalie. It is 300 metres by the seaside. I design mostly apartments for private investors, I like to connect old things (etc. doors, old polish oak floor) with new design, also like to connecting very decorative elements with primitive concrete. As you see this in my apartment. (Photos:

lucyna kolodziejska says:

Thanks for all of You! it is very nice to read all of yours post. Esz – the chairs is Masters by Kartell – Phillipe Starck 🙂

Leone says:

WOW! This is so lovely and fabulous. Perfection. And those dining chairs are divine.

Nadia says:

Loved the dinning chairs!!

Wow, it's like a showroom! How dreamy

Esz says:

Thanks for replying Lucyna! I should have known they were Stark chairs. Thank you 😀

ezra says:

soooo looooove the place!!!! quick question though… how do you get that concrete wall? is there like somekind of special treatment for it or just plain cement??? thnx a bunch guys 😀

lucyna kolodziejska says:

it is true concrete wall – 4cm thickness – made for my by my building team. The concrete ceiling is construction of the building. Thank you for your nice opinion 🙂

AM says:

love it, adore all your design for this flat..

Ginny says:

Where did those gorgeous dining chairs come from? Such a beautiful space!

Jim says:

Could you please give the details of tiles in the kitchen?

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