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Posted on Mon, 21 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Lilou and her husband have finished renovating their Swedish country house and it’s gorgeous. So what do you do when you finish your house? Put it on the market and share it with Desire to Inspire. What? How could you sell such a lovely home Lilou?

I’ve been reading this blog for a very long time and now that I’m about to sell my house I thought I’d send you the link to the “for sale” site. My husband and I have been renovating the interior since the day we moved in. We found out during our house-owning-period that city life with its restaurants, cinemas, and cafés is much more to our tasting than country living. I also long to sink my teeth into our new apartment 🙂

Now that I can understand. Just wish I was in the market for a lovely Swedish home in the country. I’d be moving right in. Good luck with it all Lilou!

Lilou says:

I really appreciate all the wonderful comments about me and my husbands house!

Erin: We live almost exactly the way you do right now Erin! The stars, the birds, the lake close by, and the great woods surrounding the village. We have only lived in the house for four years but during that time we feel like we´ve had our special countryliving moments. We´ve walked the trails, listened to the birds, been amazed about a sleeping hedgehog, and so on 🙂

Just like you we lived in the city before we bought this house. Somehow we thought it would suit us perfectly with having kids and everything. But we realized that the citylife gives us freedom in a way the country never can. We will be getting a lot more time to paint, to sew, to craft, to travel, to cook with exciting ingredients I can´t get hold of in the country, to visit exhibitions, and of course to play with our kids.

About a year ago me and my husband also decided to give our bookideas a go, and that´s been taking lots and lots of time. In the city we´ll have more time for that project. Plenty of odd characters to get inspiration from there as well 🙂

If we still were to change our minds we just buy a new house!

If you´re already going back and forth about the city vs. the country, to me, something is wrong and you should move. If you´d been perfectly happy you´d never have to go through the pros and cons about a place. But what the heck do I know haha.

Islem says:

Oh my goodness, it's my dream house!! You don't understand how much I would LOVE to live in a place like that! I live in the city now, in Manhattan NYC, actually, and I would move into a house like yours, if I had the money, tomorrow!! GREAT JOB!!!

jaime says:

oh my gosh…can i move in here ASAP?! amazing home.

Christa says:

What a charming old place, and with a barn too? SOLD. I'm a country mouse, but work in the city. Living in the country takes longer to commute but when I get home, it's like being on vacation: pretty house, views, gardens, quiet, birds, deer. For the price of my house I could barely afford a cramped condo in a marginal neighborhood in the city.

Deb says:

Being from South Florida, I'm dying for a place where I can escape the craziness of the city….this is so it. I' guess just save this peaceful house as my screen saver for those times when I need that extra boost during the day. I agree this house will not be on the market long. I don't think I would have been able part with this beauty.

Caroline says:

To all those people who feel tempted to move here after seeing these nice pictures: beware that even in Stockholm (which is considered to be in the south of Sweden), winters are about 6 months long. Until May there will be no leaves, hardly no bird sounds and the grass (and everything else) is brownish grey. It often still snows as late as April. During the winter extreme darkness and endless snowploughing and power cut-offs every now and again… Plenty of time though to paint the floorboards, walls and ceilings white and to bake a cake in the 50ies woodburning stove… 😉

Rebecca says:

I love the work you have put into it. It's so clean but it still has a lot of personality and grit.

Max says:

It's not Antarctica, Caroline, the pictures are from Sweden. The last two winters have been extra-ordinary, normal is winter from january to march, not very cold either. There are plenty of birds in the winter too, just feed them, they can't live on air, you know ;-). Furthermore, your "extreme darkness" is not extreme in any way – allmost all of Sweden is south of the polar circle! And power cut-offs are very rare. I should know since I have lived in Sweden all my life. You seem to be describing the northernmost parts of Greenland with subsahara African power supply! 😉 I wish you the best of luck Lilou!

selina says:

I have been very bored with Swedish style lately… now I know why, most of the glossy "scandinavian stlyle" pictures we see are mock style. This is the real deal and boy, what charm! THIS is what it is supposed to look like! I love this house.

Margaret says:

Looks like I've seen my dream house, that' gorgeous. We are planning to build a vacation house like that but still busy living here in the city.

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