Reader’s home – Dan’s apartment for sale

Posted on Tue, 22 May 2012 by KiM

Dan emailed us with a link to his Stockholm apartment that is on the market (apparently right in the block where the Millenium movies were shot). It’s very small but he’s done such an awesome job giving it character and not overcrowding it with stuff (although perhaps removed for these listing photos, but I’m thinking we give him the benefit of the doubt). And of course, it’s all white, as the best Scandi homes are. 

I will never tire of an all white home. Especially when there are splashes of colour involved like the orange modular sofa!

teri says:

I love white with pops of color, but this has way too many dead animals in it to be comfortable to me! I'm not against using touches of nature in your decor, (aka dead animals) but horns in the entry, horns and a hide in the dining room, tortoise shell in the bedroom – it's too much for a small home.

Sandra says:

Beaytiful, but where is the fidge in this apartment?!

oregonbird says:

It's a statement, alright. "I'm sorry I can't come to the phone, but I'm off pillaging…" 🙂 And it's always, always winter, so where are the books? The Madrid home you showed us a few days ago could have been anywhere in the world. This? Is Stockholm. I like it. I'd date this guy.

Caroline says:

I could easily see myself living here!

mari says:

Lovely place

I should just up and move to Scandinavia now really…

Check says:

That is a beautiful apartment! I really think he has made the most of a small space. Congratulations!

It would be much better without that dead animals everywhere!!

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