Timothy Corrigan

Posted on Tue, 29 May 2012 by KiM

Timothy Corrigan is an interior designer whose work we’ve all seen at some point in time as his work has been featured in about 85,000 magazines. His style is far more traditional/classical than we typically post but I have to say he’s pretty brave when it comes to colours and textures and he’s designed some pretty spectacular homes. Someone from his crew wrote us and sent along photos so I decided to break away from the norm and blog some of his work. If you can see through some of the “I have too much money to blow on my decor” there’s some fun elements and awesome colours that will inspire. 

Love Timothy's interiors, with the classic and traditional touch!

I absolutely love the style and use of color! Of course, I'm a bit traditional myself but I LOVE color. I loved the outdoor space and the use of orange. The green walls in the dining room was stunning with all the woodwork in the room. I'm a fan!

Christina says:

The 3rd to last photo is so fascinating. I don't think I've ever seen such a large table so completely filled up with decorative pieces. I think I would have left some empty space on it, as it seems so crowded and a little forced. Like, look at all my pretty things! But I do appreciate the boldness of it, and I can see it working for some people.

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