Crazy busy week is finished post

Posted on Fri, 1 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Where did that come from? Why have I felt like I have been chasing my tail all week? Was I really up before 4.00 am every morning? Is anyone else happy that this crazy busy week is over? It’s fast approaching beer o’clock in my part of the world or in my case wine o’clock. (I said wine o’clock not whine o’clock!) Apologies if you are sick of my real estate stalking posts this week but it is how it rolled. I spent a lot of time avoiding deadlines online checking out houses I can’t afford or really need. Hey someone has to do it! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I know I will 🙂 Link for this North Carlton, Melbourne Boom-era meets modern house here while it lasts.

Robin Best says:

How funky is this curb appeal! Houses like this make me want to move to Australia….until I see the price tag!

Alex says:

I'm loving this. Gorgeous patio! Breathtaking.


So many of these little gems in!

Jenny says:

OOOH, I think I know this house! I think it used to belong to a fantastic builder in Melbourne – who is also extremely dreamy and nice. Am sure I could never afford for him to renovate or build my house, but he's great! You should see his next house. Wow!

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