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Posted on Sun, 3 Jun 2012 by KiM

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog today but since I have the prospect of a new house on my brain these days I thought I’d share some inspirational photos that I think will be a big help if and when this new house materializes. (The reasons why nothing has happened yet are complicated and well, frustrating but I’m crossing my fingers it will all get sorted out very soon). I was going to include some drawings my husband did of a design for the new house that we really like but because it’s multi-levelled, I thought the drawings were a bit too confusing. So instead, I’ll just stick to some photos of spaces that are right up my alley and in line with what I want for the house. I’m still hung up on lots of black and white and natural wood, a bit of Scandinavian, modern, industrial and ethnic all combined to create a hopefully somewhat cohesive but eclectic home. I would die for windows like this, with a thick black frame. Likely too expensive but a girl can dream.

YLAB Arquitectos

This workspace is amazing. The industrial light fixture, rough planks of wood for the work surface, funky chairs…


This storage unit would be simple to build, would hold alot of my crap, AND double as a cat climbing structure.

Sköna hem

The ethnic vibe of this bedroom is fantastic. Awesome colour combo, and would look even more gorgeous with my moroccan wedding blanket hanging on a wall.

Living Agency

I am shocked to realize I really love the unexpected look of gold fixtures in a bathroom. It’s a bit of old world glam that could look hot if done right (ie. below).

Sköna hem

Can’t go wrong with black mosaic tiles, white walls and rosewood.

BOLIG Magasinet

I am head over heels for simple lighting solutions like this one hanging over a set of bookcases. I would really love to replicate this somewhere.

Tribe Studio Architects

A large, deep, round window probably costs a fortune but would be so much fun for the cats… and maybe even me.


I hate everyday ugly things like outlets and light switches. This is a perfect solution for a clean, minimalist look.


I just love everything about this. The lighting solution would be so cool over a kitchen island too.

I’m absolutely DYING to finally own a cool vintage trough-like sink. I’ve been (passively) looking for one for years and have never found one. I’d settle for some type of quirky vintage sink in the powder room.

Jennifer’s former home

I have been without an actual entrance for 5 years now and I’ve had enough. This bench/storage combo is perfection. And the slat wall could come in handy.

John Donkin

I’ve been in love with this backyard since I first found it on Dwell’s site. It would be the PERFECT transformation for my backyard once the house is complete.


Kim, I adore your inspiration photos – fantastic! But that vintage sink in the bathroom – how I love that one!! Hope all of your plans will fall into place.

Carol says:

I was in Gingers (Toronto) yesterday and saw a little sink like the vintage trough in your photo only small (individual size). It was really cheap too, under 200. It's not on their website.

I love every thing in your selection. I have many projects for my house too : black white concrete wood… and dream!

Love the office pic! Great stuff as usual!

What great interiors! I love your sense of style, you always have such inspirational images. And how funny that the gold taps look so cool in that space. I have lived with a horror of gold fixtures since as long as I can remember, but we are in the process of fixing up an mid-century modern house. It has the coolest-looking doorbell chime in the hall. It is gold.
I found a great light fitting for the hall (which I am working on at the moment) with gold trim, that I was planning to spray paint to de-gold it. I got home with it, looked at the gold door bell, and realized it worked perfectly.
I am still in shock that I chose to hang a gold light fixture in MY house. But it looks fantastic!

Amy says:

Love the storage space and the light fixture. Would love to incorporate the storage unit into my loft.

Mariel says:

Kim, thank you for sharing these ideas. I absolutely love the idea of an old glam bathroom and the industrial kitchen! The picture of those black-framed windows just gave me an idea to consider for a flat that I will soon be renovating in Manila.

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