Dana Gallagher encore

Posted on Mon, 4 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Some people just have “it”. A talent that is innate. An eye for a shot. An understanding of how to take a photo that speaks to the heart or the mind, that just speaks. The ability to capture the personality of a room. This is not the first time I have been drawn in by photographer Dana Gallagher‘s work (via). It’s easy to see why.

I couldn’t leave Dana’s portfolio without revisiting 3 of my favourite photos I featured the last time I waxed lyrical about her work.

I really like the newspaper wall and the pretty wall covered in birds

jen says:

LOVELY! Can I have all of that in my house, please? Lovely colour schemes, peaceful, relaxing, restful environments.
But those candles on the staircase scream fire hazard! Unless they are battery operated.

Mag says:

great post – so many lovely things 🙂

Very moody photos. The styling is really focused. And the pedestal sink in the second photo is such a substantial piece. All together – very interesting work.

rooth says:

Those are some really intense colours – bold and brave indeed

marija says:

I like it super much.

bea. says:

Love the owls and little birdies!

Pete - Cockatoo says:

Drawn to little birds 'flying' on the wall. Then I noticed the stuffed owl under the cloche. Gulp.

dana says:

I really really really would luv to know where the red shelves/cabinets in the first pic are from! I suspect they are IKEA because I have the same in brown/black and while I think they are great shelves, they just aren't TALL enough. I'm in the market for red shelves and I wish I wish I wish they were taller. Hmmm, IKEA hack?

Love the framing job on the Snowy Owl. We produced the Owl print and Martha Stewart Living asked permission to frame it and show in their magazine. We think they did an outstanding job.

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