Phillip K Erickson, at it again

Posted on Fri, 8 Jun 2012 by KiM

You may remember this home I blogged a couple of months ago that was submitted by photographer Phillip K Erickson. He kindly emailed to let us know about one of his latest projects, called The Maryland. As usual Phillip’s awesome photography makes this relatively dark and moody home appear dramatic and SO intriguing. (I am in love with the built-in surrounding the stove).

(Update: As mentioned in the comments, the guy who designed and lives in the place runs City Home Collective – a very friendly and hip source for real estate and other similar related resources)

Clare says:

love the two wooden chairs in the sunroom – who are they designed by?

Robin Best says:

I don't generally like dark interiors but this home is stunning!!!

Oregonbird says:

The dining room is just… It doesn't refuse to be anything other than a dining room — I like that so much. It could be used to run a starship, or plan a rock&roll tour, or rewrite future history.

What *is* that wallpaper?! Where can it be found?

Zie says:

Clare – The chairs in the sunroom are Cherner Armchairs.

Oregonbird – Not sure who makes the specific wallpaper that they used, but Deborah Browness makes a print called 'Genuine Fake Books' that looks similar.

Mariel says:

I love how modern was combined so successfully with traditional. The chandelier in the kitchen work so well! I am into the industrial look these days and this post is so inspiring.

PHweld says:

dark, comfortable + classy!

Robert says:

This looks unreal along with the typewriter!

This place is so inspiring. And I like that vintage barware

amy says:

little late here, as i see this was posted last week, but i thought i'd speak for the owner of this space. the home is a complete remodel by cody derrick, who currently lives there, and happens to be the owner of the cityhomecollective (real-estate and design boutique with a super website at also worth noting — the other space that was photographed by Phillip was also staged by the same collective. they do stellar work and have incredible taste.

Janet says:

I am wild about the long desk and if possible, the source of the legs with wheels.

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