Stalking the endless views

Posted on Fri, 8 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Perched on the rolling hills behind the coastal playground of Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales is a recently built Queenslander style home. Verandahs circle the living space, reaching out to the view. It is all about the view. Casual, colourful, laid back. Living here would be like being on holidays all year round. I’ll be taking drinks by the pool. Be a dear and bring one down to me. Link here while it lasts.

oregonbird says:

Wow. Pond. The view is good, the house is a heavenly design in simplicity and muted colors, but the POND… wow. That's a perfect childhood, right there. (Assuming the presence of a pony, and absence of crocodiles.) Interesting pic of the pool! "Yes, we're bucolic and laid back, but we do have drama!" I don't now why everyone doesn't go with a narrow dining table. Who wants giant platters and serving bowls in the way? People and plates. Perfect.

betina luna says:

I really love the rooms of this house! It's really nice.

amy says:

That porch and pool are breathtaking.

Ashley says:

I had the pleasure of staying here for my sisters wedding! It is just devine! Coming across it on this awesome website a year later brings back so many wonderful memories!

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