Stalking Scotland Island

Posted on Mon, 11 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Climbing the slopes of Scotland Island in Pittwater north of Sydney, its footprint determined by the gums that surround it is a home that draws on memories of the holiday shacks of days gone by, of a higgledy piggledy assortment of rooms and sheds, the make do of the fisherman’s shack. No make do here though. A series of rooms are connected by decks and flights of stairs. Walls slide away to open all to the outdoors, the breezes, the views through the trees. A place of privacy, of simplicity and of natural beauty. It’s for sale here while the link lasts. What a tug at the heart to leave all this.

The australian houses are very fresh and they make a pleasant atmosphere 🙂
They make me a freedom feeling!!

Hi, What a lovely place!! Thanks for sharing!! So great!!

romy says:

Love the house.
I agree with Georgia, I thought something was wrong chrome, didn't realize it was the page itself ( I use AdBlock). Images are too far on the right and it's hard to focus on them.

selina says:

I'm in Luuv! waht a spectacular piece of architecture!!!! I love it

oregonbird says:

Oh. I thought it was something wrong! It really does make reading the blog much, much more difficult! That said, who else would miss the black steps when stepping off the upper deck? Within a day, I'd be lying on the floor – still appreciating the simplicity of the architecture, but waiting for an ambulence.

KiM says:

FYI: All that was modified was the addition of a left sidebar. Nothing else was touched in terms of layout. I don't have a tablet so I haven't been able to see how it looks there. I've checked it on my phone, netbook, a MAC and a PC and it displays normally.

Sparky says:

Well, my Dear Miss Jo, you are tempting me yet again with prospects of Aussie living. xSparky

Perfect Pittwater – I didn't go anywhere near it on this trip to Sydney, will have to go back…

Adriene says:

Haven't these people ever heard of privacy?!

Just kidding. Beautiful place, but I would seriously feel like I was being watched all the time. I guess i'd have to have my servants scour the woods first for intruders. *wink*

selina says:

I absolutely LOVE this house in every detail (It reminds me a bit of Glenn Murcutt – another great Australian architect). Who is the architect does he have a website? I would love to see more of their work

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