Antonio Martins Interior Design 2

Posted on Mon, 18 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Thanks to designer Antonio Martins for sharing another of his projects with us. The house is a casual weekend retreat in the Sonoma wine country of California. Once again Martins plays with an eclectic mix of wood and vintage, industrial and asian influences, a white canvas for striking art. A stylish, fresh, fun and at times quirky home perfect for an escape from the urban grind.

lucia says:

everything here is soooo heavy!

a very unique home! the repurposing of industrial elements is so imaginative..may not be entirely my style, but there's a lot to love here! thanks for sharing..xx meenal

coco says:

I'm so in love with desire to inspire. The images on each of your pages provide a respite from the crazy, stressful days working in a corporate environ, so much so I tend to come back three or four times a day. Each time, I see something new in the posts.

One repeated feature in most if not all the homes you show are the dark floors. I. Love. Them. so I have to ask, does anyone know exactly what the stain is? In my apt I've used Dark Walnut but the color just isn't uniform as in these pics and I'm wondering if Jacobean would have been a better choice. Also, is satin a better finish for a home with children rather than the high gloss?

Have a great day everyone!

Mariel says:

I love the mix of old and new!

Like the interesting mix of rustic and modern design

malisams says:

Absolutely gorgeous. I love every room. Does anyone know the artist/source of the tall painting above the floor pillows in the living room? The one with the woman in ye olde dress? I've tried Googling but haven't been able to find anything…

Pia says:

I am absolutely in awe….. There is nothing I would change! I looooove it all!!! Can I move in?

Anne Wall says:

Lovely home and what a setting !! Is it in or near Kenwood?

I'm dying over the two bathroom sink bases, and that steel fireplace surround. Super-cool.

Hason says:

Nice interior and exterior design.

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