Stalking another Queenslander

Posted on Wed, 20 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

I find myself drawn to the familiar, the homes that I knew and loved as a child but never had. When I was growing up the traditional Queenslander house was enclosed and clad, old timber windows wrenched out and replaced by aluminium sliders. Their weatherboard exteriors were clad in faux brick or worse and verandahs encased in coffins of asbestos sheeting. Kitchens were kitted out in the latest 70’s mustard and brown while bathrooms were painfully bright blur of blue or green laminates. History was rewritten and lost. Slowly these old girls are being restored and if they are really lucky they are returned to their easy, breezy elegance, not modernised and streamlined with historical facades but impossibly futuristic interiors. Hopefully they are restored to casual beauties like this home currently for sale in Kangaroo Point in inner city Brisbane. A lovely old lady ready for her next 100 years. Link here while it lasts.

Georgia says:

God! Looking at homes like this makes me feel so increadibly homesick. There is something just so AUSTRALIAN about this kind of simple, lived in decorating. I grew up in Tassie, so it's not the Queenslander that pulls at my heart strings, although we had plenty of gorgeous old beauties of our own. Love it Jo, thanks for sharing.

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