foley & cox encore

Posted on Thu, 21 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Comfortably luxe. Casually elegant. Sumptuously stylish. It’s layers of luxury and a true insight into living the fine life. foley & cox create homes (and yachts and planes… no trains and automobiles yet) that are aspirational, inspiration and just damn gorgeous. Highly individualised interiors for those with the need for the best. (See more in a previous post here.)

Love every single image in this post..fabulous interiors! thanks for sharing..xx meenal

Absolutely stunning the last picture. I'm a sucker for a room with a view. A lot of times people think of penthouses or rooms in the sky as too modern or cold but this proves otherwise.

I like that while the rooms are elegant and luxurious, they still look livable.

Cynthia says:

Really love the convex mirror in the above living room. Also am loving the tropical painting in the dining room photo below it. Could you provide more information about how I can find these items? Thank you!,

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