Beauty at the beach

Posted on Wed, 27 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

ScavulloDesign created the interiors of this weekender just steps away from the water in Stinson beach, California. Large doors and windows bring the outside in while the sandy colour palette and blue accents of course give the coastal vibe but the interiors are in no way cliched. Casually elegant and family friendly, durable and darling from wicker to waterproof fabrics. Finally, accents throughout reflect the relaxed feel and include the family’s collection of sea shells that they have found on the beach outside. What a lovely spot to get away to.

(Architect and owner Lewis W. Butler, of Butler Armsden Architects.)

naomi says:

This home is perfect in every meaning of the way. I wish I could find a home like that for me, my husband, and my dog. Gorgeous and simple.

Kate says:

So lovely! Gorgeous colors! I love this blog so much, watching it everyday – but in germany it´s so hard to find interior accessoires like those pillows or furniture in the cottage/countrystyle. Do you know onlineshops that sell interior "stuff" and ship to germany?

hv says:

Yes, this is it! It looks like the perfect holiday house.
I will keep these pictures in case I once will be able to have a house in greece…. Dreams, dreams…

TK says:

This house will become so beautiful over time. You know, when there will be some patine on the furniture, the wooden beams. When plants and moss will start to cover the roof. Like leather boots, that have been worn over many years.

rooth says:

Oh crap, come to momma!

Courtney says:

Does the sand not blow inside?


Rex says:

How can I obtain floor plans

KiM says:

@Rex – hire the architect we linked to above

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