Martin Tessler (again)

Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2012 by KiM

Yes, I have a weakness for really well executed interior photography, especially when executed by a Canadian. Vancouverite Martin Tessler has it going on. I love his portfolio, and I am totally intrigued by the walls of trinkets in the first two photos. (Previous post here and some of his photos here)

Janne says:

OMG! The picture with the shelves with pots and stuff…I mean…seriously…that is GORGEOUS!

tmc says:

Isn't that douglas coupland's house in the first couple photos?

Shane says:

I love, love love love the collections… I'm also getting nervous at the mere thought of having to dust them.

Laurel says:

TMC, that's exactly what I thought. Douglas Coupland has a similar installation of tiny objects on shelves at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. And of course he has a mid-century home in Vancouver.

gem says:

Yes, it is the Douglas Coupland Vancouver house. Check it out at:

radb713 says:

Mousetrap!!! What a perfect "kinetic sculpture" for that room!

Ana says:

The shelf with the vases – LOVE.

Hah, that's my studio, fifth from the top. Now an AirBNB property!

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