Monaci delle terre nere

Posted on Thu, 28 Jun 2012 by KiM

I need to get my arse to Italy. It is SO beautiful and kind of embarrassing to be half Italian and not really having ever visited the freaking country (except once when I was 4). We heard about this home turned hotel in Sicily, Monaci delle terre nere, from the folks of Welcome Beyond and it’s quintessential Italian – rustic and full of history (check out the old wine press!). The building is of historic importance and used to be owned by monks. It is set on the slopes of Mt. Etna looking over the Mediterranean. It is part of an 40-acre organic farm where we grow different varieties of fruit. We also have a vineyard and an organic vegetable garden for the guests. The restoration took about three years. We used only local materials and as little chemicals as possible and are about to get an eco-tourist certification. There are six rooms. We eventually plan to have 12 after having restored the three old stone buildings by the vineyard and the wine cellar. But this will take a little while.

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Sparky says:

Ooooooo, now that's doing up Sicily right! I spent eight days in nearby Taormina a few years back under the shadow of erupting Mt. Etna. It was a beautiful place and a wonderful trip. How lovely they have created this hotel from the old monastery operations. ~Sparky

Lin says:

Wonderful to see these kinds of buildings kept alive. Nicely done.

Esz says:

Wow that is just spectacular – I love rough hewn stone

eJean1981 says:

Ohhhh, if I ever get a chance to get back to Italy, this is where I want to stay. Beautiful building.

rachel says:

absolutely amazing!

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