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Garden of dreams

Posted on Thu, 7 Jun 2012 by KiM

We received an intriguing submission recently from Veronica that I wanted to share. Here are some pictures about my last interior design project at Casa Decor Madrid, the most important event about interior design in Spain. Garden of dreams (Jardin de los sueños) is the name of my space. An interior garden at Casa Decor Madrid. I wanted to create an space to relax, feel and remember our experiences, a place where our emotions meet together, a place to lay or to fly. The interior is design with natural materials (linen, wood, anea and wool). All furniture, illumination, ceramics and sofa are designed by Veronica Martinez too, all inspired by nature and handmade by artisans. I think it’s beautiful and very creative. I love the grouping of frames on the corner, and the strips of wood and fabric acorss the ceilings and walls are really pretty. I would love to hang out in there for hours in silence and read a good book. *sigh* 

Janet Kimber

Posted on Thu, 7 Jun 2012 by KiM

Janet Kimber is a super talented photographer and a Canadian to boot. She’s originally from Halifax and now calls Toronto home. She specializes in portraits (they’re amazing) and spaces (amazing too as you’ll see). “Everything has its beauty, everything has its secret, everything has its little miracle to reveal. I’m always trying to capture that.” Oh, DOES SHE EVER.

Douglas Friedman encore

Posted on Thu, 7 Jun 2012 by midcenturyjo

Hot hot hot! Photographer, images and rooms. We’ve been crushing on Douglas Friedman (via) for years and it’s time again to go weak at the knees. Wallpaper, Domino and Elle Décor. Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, and Vanity Fair. You’ll see his name everywhere. Master of his game. Top dog or is that top Doug? OK I’m done 🙂

I have another reader’s home for you today. Luis just completed his living and dining room and wanted to share it with our readers. Here’s a quick intro: I wanted to give the space some character that reflected my personality. I love the use of textures in a room. I included wood, fabrics, leather, glass, metal, woven material and even a wooden cube covered in zinc that serves as a great seating piece! All of the photography and art on the wall is unique, done by local artists or friends. All are pieces that I have collected through the years. Even the coffee table books have a story. I collected them during my 5 year stint at the corporate advertising office of a high end specialty retailer. They are autographed by fashion designers Carolina Herrera and Giorgio Armani. I really love the colours Luis used. Perfect guy’s pad with the dark woods. Impressive!

Back in May of last year we shared with you Iris‘ apartment in Sweden. Turns out she’s selling her completely renovated apartment because she bought a house – that also needs alot of work. Her realtor took some fantastic photos (listing is here) and it looks like Iris tweaked some of her decor since last year. It’s amazing – and I’m in love with the flooring! She is going to have no problems selling it. 🙂