Swedish inspiration on Canada’s birthday

Posted on Sun, 1 Jul 2012 by KiM

Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians! It’s one of the biggest party/cottage weekends of the year and I am heading up to my sister’s cottage this morning to enjoy a (hopefully) sunny day, warm temperatures, lots of food and alcoholic beverages, and good company. I leave you with an absolutely gorgeous home in Österlen, Sweden via Hus & Hem. It’s actually a new build from 2007-8 despite looking like an old farmhouse that was renovated.

Jenny says:

It's lovely – so clean, white, fresh.
But I had to laugh at the old bike next to the table by the window. Reminds me of the posts on Apartment Therapy discussing styling. Especially since it's a new build, not a restoration. A bit silly, me thinks.
And of a friend of a friend whose house was photographed for a magazine. As she said afterwards, "I DO NOT have pine cones spread out over my floor!"

Love the style of the building, it looks old. It actually reminds me of my grandparents house back in Germany.
HAPPY CANADA DAY to Kim and of course to Jo over there down under too (LOL) and to everybody else who sits here in Canada !!!!

I have fallen in love! So so stunning- that kitchen is so inviting! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Oregonbird says:

Why? WHY do the details have to be burnt out in unyielding light?

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