Rut Karadottir

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2012 by KiM

Rut Karadottir is an interior designer based in Iceland who studied and spent some time working for an architecture firm in Italy before opening her own design studio in ’97. I love her work, a mix of modern and Scandinavian mixed with rustic elements. My favourite combination. 🙂

love the neutral pallette

Juliane says:

The greys are absolutely beautiful, and I love all the glass and pearl essence–homey and elegant simultaneously! The small touches of purple, lime, and red really set off the richness of these spaces. I've had a lot of luck creating a similar vibe with wall art, especially with neutral works. They add great focal points in a room without adding visual clutter.

Amina and Paul-Cat says:


Wow! I have not seen someone incorporate modern and industrial so well together! Love the photo wall and the shelves- ahh so gorgeous!

Mythjen J. Trias says:

Gray blew me away. That's the long and short of everything here. The kitchen setting (fifth from the bottom) is the apple of my creative wedding photographer's eye. Such a perfect epitome of eating in luxury.

By George, imagine the enticing smell of freshly fried bacon and eggs in such in a wondrous setting. I can almost taste them.

Rut Karadottir is absolutely marvelous.

Nice work. But can hardly spot any rustic element in there.

Cussot says:

Boy, I'd like to have a tub in the floor like that.

Oregonbird says:

Try being 65, with a tub like that.

Rebecca says:

I've been looking for something like these globe-shaped lamps she has used throughout this installation! Something like Jasper Morrison's Glo Balls…. but not them. Are these Glo Balls, or another lamp? Thanks!

Great photos. Now I want a chandelier just like that 😉

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