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Posted on Wed, 4 Jul 2012 by KiM

Steve of Tuscon’s Secrest Architecture heard about our blog from his nephew who’s a follower of our wee blog and provided us some photos and details of one his projects. I love the mid-century vibe and indoor/outdoor blending together.

The Silvertree residence is a study in how a small, dated, closed in and inwardly focused residence can be revived into an inspiring modern space that interacts with the outdoors. The wonderful climate of the Sonoran desert, and the opportunity for indoor-outdoor living, was ignored in the previous floor plan of this vaguely Mediterranean 1970s home. A new multi-functional space, and a remodeled kitchen and dining room, all revolve around a new three-sided fireplace. These new spaces allow the rest of the existing house to be connected with the exterior. The garage was relocated, creating better access in and out of the garage and allowing the rest of the rear of the house to open to the exterior. The new garage acts as a showplace for the owners beloved restored 1970 Citroen DS. A pantry was added between living areas and the new garage creating a transitional space and extra storage for the new kitchen. Mullion less butt-jointed glazing was used on the north facade to strengthen the connectivity with the outdoors and provide unfettered views. Large retractable screens concealed in the ceiling provide privacy and solar control when needed.

J'aime beaucoup les larges fenêtres donnant sur le petit jardin. Thanks for sharing

Mariel says:

I wish I could see the "before" pictures. I can just imagine the transformation. The new space is so modern! I love it!

jonmac says:

yeah the house is great….. but how good is that car!!

Oregonbird says:

It's so adult. It doesn't *demand* proper clothing and a modulated speaking voice, but it does suggest, gently, that such things would be more fitted to the setting. I'd still blast electroswing, but I'd make the morning eggs wearing an apron.

The lighting is so warm and homey. I typically don't really like these kinds of houses but I like just about everything shown here, especially the photo of the living room showing the couch and seats.

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