Down on the ranch

Posted on Tue, 10 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

Caterpillar House, a modern interpretation of the ranch style house with a serious mid-century riff. It’s low slung and open planned, sitting comfortably in its surrounds. A rammed earth home rising from fields of waving grass. Environmentally sustainable and good looking. Caterpillar House by Feldman Architecture.

Beautiful place in the country!!! I need a vacation!

Union Tom says:

My dream home, except that it is missing a salt water pool

Gorgeous! Would love to sit with glass of wine in hand starring up at the stairs!
Great location.

christa says:

Agree, Union Tom. It's perfect, but a pool would make it slightly more perfect. I love the look of the earth walls. I kinda wish the homeowner had changed out of her mom jeans for the photo shoot though.

jessica says:

This is located in California's Central Coast, weather is so mild and even year around, you'd never really use a pool. just zip to the beach can't be more than 15mins! Beautiful!

oregonbird says:

Its the setting that does it for me — the house really was perfectly positioned. That, and the whiff of 'elementary school building'. Which is NOT a bad thing, I always wanted to live in my school!

Lin says:

Is it really necessary to publicly criticize someone's clothing or appearance? Or for that matter, to use the word "mom" in a pejorative way? Got something against "moms"?

Call me crazy but i always find it weird when people feature in interiors/architecture shoots. I think the purple flowers surrounding make it.

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